>It’s Official!

1 Jun

The news embargo is now lifted; My short film “TXT ISLAND” has been selected for the 2009 Rushes Soho Shorts Festival.
Also, tonight (June 1st 7:00pm) we’re off to the “Short & Sweet” short film evening at cafe 1001, Brick Lane to see it play there.


>see TXT ISLAND now on YouTube!

29 May


>TXT ISLAND : Featured by Shots

23 May

My short film ‘TXT Island’ is the front page item on Shots magazine website. For a treat this bank holiday weekend only, you can go over there to see the whole film!

>TXT ISLAND : The Trailer

19 May

>I know it’s a little bit indulgent to make a trailer for a film that’s only three and a half minutes long anyway, but I couldn’t resist it, could I? Click here to see the TXT Island trailer.

>The A to Z of TXT Island

17 May

Here’s a still of the plastic alphabet I used to make the film. I’ve got some titles and maybe another project in mind for these…

>’TXT Island’ wraps !!!

14 May

>TXT Island is finished !!! TXT Island is my stop-motion animated short film featuring animated letterforms; it’s made using those plastic pegboard signage panels you sometimes see in bars and cafes etc. The film is currently featured on the news page over at www.tandemfilms.com. There are a few stills and an extract of the film viewable there.
This blog will be updated with further news about the release as it happens…

>Nizo 4080 in Camera Hospital

13 May


This week on camera hospital, take a look at this fella… That’s right, it’s another German Braun Nizo, a younger one this time and would ya look at that gorgeous black coat… But he came in to the hospital with a dodgy trigger and couldn’t run anymore… We had to operate…

Well, it was touch and go for a while, and to be frank there were bits all over the place, but it’s good news. He’s back together again and whirring like a contented puppy… bet he can’t wait to go out and play…