>TXT ISLAND is almost here

27 Mar

The picture is almost ready for my new short film ‘TXT Island’. I’m hoping to finish this in time for the Rushes Soho Shorts Festival deadline, but that’s the 23rd April, only about three weeks from now! It’d be nice to make it; I recall using the deadline for the 1996 Soho Shorts festival as a self-imposed target to finish work on ‘Evo’… was that really 3 years ago?


>Cardboard Engineering

15 Mar

Messing about with bits of card to make some kind of geodesic structure…


8 Mar

>Just seen this music promo for Röyksopp’s ‘Happy Up Here’. The director is Reuben Sutherland; I’ve been watching anything he does for a while now, somewhat in awe…

Happy Up Here from Röyksopp on Vimeo.


19 Feb

>Gotta love the tiled-arch eco house on Channel 4’s Grand Designs this week.

Channel 4 © 2009

>Move Along, There’s Nothing To See

18 Feb

>Did anyone spot this little change to the UK law introduced earlier this week? Seems like it’s just become that bit more illegal for citizens to take photos in public places. If the photos include pictures of the police, the photographer can be arrested under anti-terror laws!

>Two-Faced Turnaround

25 Jan

>I know, I know… after several years of derision I really did join FaceBook this weekend…

>Coming Soon?

28 Dec

I’m working on a new short animation film,
maybe this is its title…