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>The DIY TK Set-up

29 Sep

>Here’s the set-up used to digitize the ‘California 08’ super8 film.

1: Modified Chinon 2000GL projector. Adapted to run slow (around 3 fps with pulsed motor control circuit) also with low voltage cooler-running light source to prevent film burning. A magnet attached to the rotating shutter disc triggers a reed switch every time a frame is stationary in the gate. A hacked mouse circuit provides a USB click to the host PC to trigger capture of each frame.
2: 120mm diameter plano-convex condenser lens to capture aerial image thrown by projector. Lens held in place by home-made foam board mounting.
3: Borrowed Canon XM2 3CCD mini DV camcorder captures images at PAL resolution, connects to host PC via IEEE1394 (Firewire).
4: Host PC (Windows XP) runs Cinecap software. Incoming mouse clicks from projector ensure frame by frame capture to hard disc.


>Super 8 Film: ‘California 08’ (on Vimeo)

22 Sep

California 08: super8 film from project on Vimeo.

>Super8 Film: ‘California 08’ (on YouTube)

21 Sep



18 Sep


Well the Kodak 64T film I shot in California has come back from the lab in Germany. The first cine film I’ve shot for a very long time. Mixed-results with the ‘new’ Nizo S800 camera though; there’s just too much jitter in the footage and a big fat hair in the gate. Still it’s an early ’70s era camera and probably hasn’t had a service in a while (if ever.) The old footage I’ve been looking at from my student days is way steadier than this, so stumping up for a camera servicing is probably the next step.

On a plus note, these stills show some results from my DIY telecine set-up. (modified Chinon 2000GL projector, Condenser Lens, Canon XM2 DV camera, Cinecap software). I’ll probably show some detail on this system soon, but meantime, enjoy the holiday snaps.

>Further Adventures in Telecine

12 Sep

>After around three months research at the extreme edges of DIY film-making, technologists in Enfield have today switched on a machine that captures some of the tiniest and most elusive sub-atomic images known to man ; the so-called ‘Super 8 frames’…

Following in the esteemed footsteps of of Roger Evans, Fred’s Telecine and with guidance from the extensive notes published at diy super8 telecine the UK based team have extensively modified a Chinon movie projector to create a home-telecine unit for 8mm film.

Jeff on Bridlington beach 1992

We can reveal that the initial tests have been quite promising. A single 50ft reel of super 8 film was digitized frame by frame at PAL resolution at around 3 images per second. Slightly higher speeds may be obtainable soon, and upgrades to the camera and optical elements will surely follow…