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>Happy 3rd Blogday

23 Aug

Hey! This blog is celebrating its 3rd birthday. Was it really Monday, August 22, 2005 when this thing started?



22 Aug

>One of the domain names I’m selling over at has received an offer and is thus now up for auction this week, ending this Thursday 28th August 2008. The sale page for http://www.16× can be found here

>Gadget: Nizo S800 Super8 Camera

20 Aug

I obtained this beautiful Braun Nizo camera just in time for our family trip to California. Having located a pair of the PX625 Wein cells (required to power the light meter) I shot one test roll of Kodak 64T reversal film whilst in Los Angeles and San Francisco. I’m back in the UK now and have sent the film away for processing … the film should be at the lab in Germany by now … ooh the anticipation …