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>No Time for Art

30 Sep

>Today’s the day if you’re filing a UK Tax Return… Leave it any longer and the IR also expect you to calculate how much tax you owe too!
Suffice to say, I’ve not got so much creative work done this week while I’ve been scrambling around to find all the paperwork and create the mother of all spreadsheets. Hope to get back onto the movie work next week.


>Photo: ‘Passing By’

24 Sep

> Shot from a train heading out of Kings Cross one evening. The elements are here…
Layered construction, buildings formed from planes. The latticework of cranes and pylons.
The parallax of scenery slipping by.

>Moodboard: ‘Pylons’ Ref. Images

23 Sep


>Sketchbook: ‘Power’ Sequence

23 Sep


>Sketchbook: Notes About The Movie

22 Sep


>Making Movie

15 Sep

>Since the beginning of this year I’ve been working to make a short animated film though It’s not got a title yet…

Quite a lot has been done already; I’m hoping that the piece might be around 2 minutes long. I’m planning to document progress here, and invite feedback from readers.

This image is from an earlier test. It suggests some of the themes and techniques I’m pursuing. The movie would represent a journey through space and time, a road journey encompassing all human evolution from nomadic wanderers to city dwellers. A kind of ‘uber timelapse’ compressing tens of thousands of years into a couple of screen minutes. All elements would construct themselves on screen and possibly be represented in a multi layered or stratified form.

>Retro Rugby Poster

9 Sep

Just completed; this poster for a local rugby tournament.
I’m becoming a big fan of the typeface ‘Rosewood’. It’s quite old-fashioned and rather flouncy. It’s got a built in drop shadow to the bottom right, which I removed because I wanted the text to bulge forward and the drop shadows to ‘radiate’ from the centre of the image.
The image of a retro rugby squad, was re-arranged to give the appropriate arrangement for a ‘Sevens’ team.