Home Studio

23 Feb

Here’s a little glimpse into my home studio set-up for some small scale stop-motion animation work. I’m using the Canon 550d here with Stop Motion Pro; finally a good live view-capable system is in my grasp 🙂 This shoot is lots of quite simple things, small models made from paper etc.
I bought a couple of laboratory-style retort stands yesterday. These have a certain nerd-appeal but are also damn handy as desktop stands, small and versatile and ideal for this mini stop-mo work.
Maybe I’ll post a bit more about this work once it’s done.


>Stuttgart 10

7 Jan

>Back in May 2010, I was invited to Germany by the organisers of the Stuttgart Animation Festival. TXT ISLAND showed there in the International Competition programme. I was in Stuttgart for three days; here’s a little montage of touristy clips. I’ve only just got around to putting this together over the Christmas break.

I’d just discovered that Sam’s little Panasonic Lumix FX150 camera could shoot HD video (1280×720 @24fps) at this point , so I was shooting everything in ‘movie mode’.

Stuttgart 10 : shortfilm by chrisgavin from Chris Gavin on Vimeo.

25 Nov


7 Oct


Well, several more designs later, this is the one! For now anyway. What’s this all for? Have a look at www.opeye.com.


6 Oct

>Ok, I’ve been wrangling with WordPress for a few days and made a new site at www.opeye.com This is the launch of my corporate video offering to the world. Exciting times.


27 Sep


>Opeye Identity In Development

27 Sep

>Just working on some logos for Opeye.com a soon to be announced but as yet totally secret work in progress 😉